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Play around with Chinese Delegates from China, here is what it said " Rosalynn Carmen, the president of the Asian Heritage society told guests from China how she wanted to present a gift but could not find anything not made in China. But she did find a classy cowboy hat of the famous John Wayne the cowboy movie star, American made from Texas, symbolizing America. After concluding that Mr. Cheng Zhang, board Supervisor of Shanghai Chang Feng Business Center Districts knew who John Wayne was, they both took turns copying the style of America’s movie hero. They also practiced walking and shooting the cowboy way. It was fun and daring


After gaining a little strength from the first day "Make Make It In America, conference, let's start with the group pictures to witness the leadership, futuristic and optimistic in the community. Lead by San Diego County Supervisor Dave David W. Roberts


With Thai group lead by Pe Sevee Ruangtrakul, the owner of 4 restaurant chain, Thai Spice in Orange county, with professors from Tustin area to support Make It In America.


Chinese delegation from China


President of The Alliant International University express the benefits of international students come to USA from ASIA and enjoy benefits more than just education


Make It In America, are for us and others from other countries to find opportunity that only have it here in America


Power House! Representative of Congressman Scott Peters, Anthony Nguyen, Dr. Jeoff Cox,President of The Alliant International University, Barbara Bry, The Commerce Department and the Escondido Mayor Sam Abed.


Learning Chinese! Building relationships and great Szechuan Lunch. Welcome lunch was for guests from China, joined by leaders of Thai, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, Filipino, business, education, and science communities hosted by San Diego County, San Diego County Supervisor David W. Roberts

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